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Hard drive to NTFS conversion

To be able to install the Operating System (OS) Windows on a computer, on computer disk must be formatted using a file system like FAT, FAT32 or NTFS. This system which determines how a file named, organized and stored in the hard disk. If you do not have to use one of the above system, then to your hard drive menformat advised to use the NTFS (New Technology File System) for Windows XP because this system offers many functions compared to other systems.

Is your computer when you bought it already installed Windows XP? If so, chances are your system is using the NTFS system. But if your computer is an upgrade from Windows 98 or Windows Me, chances are your computer is still using the FAT or FAT32 system.

At the time of the upgrade, the option to change your system to NTFS is available, but you do not worry if at the time you skip the upgrade and you are still using the old system. You still can do the conversion to NTFS without losing data.

Why recommended using the NTFS system

Lots of features in Windows XP that can only run if your computer using the NTFS system, that is why it is advisable to use them. File and folder permissions, encryption and privacy options can be set only for certain people who can access.

If you are still using FAT or FAT32, anyone can access to your hard drive, without exception, which means anyone can open a file or folder. Conversely, with NTFS, you can use or create a level of access levels and protect your data from another user.

In addition, NTFS also has the advantage of your hard drive merecovery from mistakes or errors when compared with the FAT or FAT32. All hard drives work in a log record that will be used to repair the Windows XP system yourself sehinggan your computer can boot again.

How do I know what system I use on my computer? To find out which system you use, open My Computer, right click on the main partition your hard drive (usually drive C:) and select Properties. On the General tab you will be able to see the system you use.

I am using FAT32 and want to convert to NTFS

To do the conversion, you can use a conversion tool built Windows XP. This conversion process is very safe and your data that already exists on the hard disk will not be lost. Step steps are as follows:

* Click Start — Run
* Type cmd and press [Enter]
* If you’ve entered the command prompt, then type c: / fs: ntfs and press [Enter] (where “c” is the drive you want to convert). When running the conversion, the possibility menggnakan Windows XP paging file so that the conversion process is not completed immediately. Therefore, you will see on the screen a message saying that the conversion procedure will be continued when the windows start up. After the restarts, Check Disk will run automatically and the continuation of our conversions were also to be continued automatically served until eventually your computer will reboot twice.
* When re-booting your computer and the flame, then the conversion process has finished, to see the results you can check as mentioned above.

Benefits of using NTFS

Now your system has been using NTFS, let’s look at some of the benefits we can get by using this system.

1. We can make several different users with different levels. For example, there are several folders or files where you want to grant access to another user and some other users can not (this can be done immediately if you use Windows XP Professional Edition). The trick is: Right-click on the folder you want to set, select Properties and select the Security tab. You will see a dialog box contains a list of user names. Beside you can view or access level of access each user with access they can get as Full Control, Modify, Read and Write. You can set this by providing a check in the Allow or Deny. If case you are using Windows XP Home Edition, there is no Security tab in the Properties. To be mensetnya you need to restart at boot time, press [F8] to bring up the boot menu. Choose Safe Mode and wait until Windows XP street. From Safe Mode you can apply the settings as with Windows XP Professional Edition.
2. NTFS compression. Files you have will automatically compress terdekompresi when you access it. To be able to tell which files you have compressed, open My Computer, click Tools — Folder Options and select the View tab. In the Advanced settings field, will have the option “Show encrypted or compressed NTFS files in color”, check this option and click Apply and OK. Now you can distinguish the files you have compressed files or folders which will be colored blue. Good thing for Professional Edition is the Encrypting File System (EFS), which you can use this to maintain / protect your important data data so that other users can not access it. The file you this encryption will be accessible again if you log in again with your user account.


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