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Hot Tea Can Cause Cancer throat

Hot Tea Can Cause Cancer throat
Laurencius Simanjuntak – detikNews
Tehran – bad news for those of you who like to sip tea while hot. A researcher from Iran, Reza Malekzadeh, presented research results that drinking hot tea can cause throat cancer.

Drinking hot tea on a 70 degree Celsius temperatures associated with the eight times the risk of esophageal cancer by drinking lukewarm tea with a minimum temperature of 65 degrees.

Reza who is a student at Tehran University School of Medicine with colleagues studied the tea drinking habits of 300 people who contracted throat cancer and the other 571 were healthy men and women from the same area in Golestān Province, northern Iran.

Golestān are areas with esophageal cancer rates highest in the world, but with the level of smoking and low alcohol drinking. While almost everyone who is disample black tea drinkers on a regular basis, and the average menkonsumsinya more than a liter per day.

According to Reza, people who drink tea regularly at least 2 minutes after pouring five times more likely to catch cancer compared with the waiting meraka 4 or 5 minutes.

“I could not understand how a hot tea can cause cancer. But if your esophagus lining repeatedly received burns, however, it could be a reason,” he said as reported by Reuters on Friday (27/3/2009).

Cancer esophagus (throat) killed more than 500,000 people in the world each year. Largest populations occurred in different in Asia, Africa and South America.


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