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Searching for the Fountain of Love

Action is action. The value you provide in the action that
that makes it different. Good actions you do to someone will
looks so beautiful, if you are pleased with the spark of love membubuhinya

Have you ever seen a bushy bearded man, stern-faced,
hard body filled with black tattoo? Anyone who may be discouraged
deal with it. Or, just far away. But, no
so with a little girl who called him father. When
he saw “his father” came from his exile, regardless of all
spooky scene in front of him, he embraced “the father” in the eye.
He felt so comfortable in his arms. Just because one reason, she
knew how he loved the “father” to reconcile his soul. Anyone has the right
a wellspring for the flow of compassion. Similarly we.

************************************************** **************************

TENT caravan
Idries shah

One time Khidr went to the palace of the king and went straight to the throne.
Viewing this strange behavior, of course, no one dared
reprimanded. Only the king, Ibrahim ibn Adham, who asked him, “O
unknown man, what are you looking for? ”

The stranger replied, “I’m looking for a place to sleep in the tent this caravan.”

Ibrahim ibn Adham said, “This is not a tent, caravan, this is my palace.”

“Who owns it before you?”

“My father.”

“And before that?”

“My grandfather.”

“Do not you see, they have come and gone, lived and moved, then
why do you call this place other than a tent for the caravan of travelers? ”

Meditations Corner Editor: We’re all just living while on earth. Later
we will go. So would not it be appropriate if all that we live in
just haven?

(Adapted from: Idries Shah, The Way of the Sufi)


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