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My widowed mother could be said very poor and dependent
me in financial trouble. Because I myself can not be classified
rich, this is heavy pressure for me. It seems I can always
this burden in a calm and relaxed, but I liked kadang2
losing patience. Such was the case last month, when the conditioning
my mother died suddenly the room during the summer wave of the most
badly hit.

For a few months earlier, my mother asked a lot of money. There
some extra expenses, other than those already routine. Accounts
for doctors, summer clothing, mini-break on the beach.
It seems almost every day he asked me menelponku to pay
something. So, when he menelponku and said that he needed
new air conditioning, I exploded in anger. “Not now!” shout
telephone slamming loudly.

That night I came home late from work, and found apartmentku
heat such as space for a sauna. As soon as I opened the door, the heat
hit me, beads of sweat began to wet the face and body.
“Fortunately this building has central air conditioning system,” I said
to himself, as he turned on the AC.

I’ll meet cold air flows out, but nothing happens.
Suddenly, I realized that since there was no buzz
softly echoed that always indicates that the air conditioning was setral
function. “Jeez,” I grumbled to himself. “This central air-conditioning
damaged, but usually never like this … but tonight is
The hottest night of the year! ”

At that moment eleven o’clock, it was too late to call the carpenter
reparations. Means I had to sweat until tomorrow morning. That night I
felt very uncomfortable, to the extent that could not sleep.
Many times I take a shower and cold drink menengguk. But no
point. Outside the incredible heat, and I felt very miserable.

Suddenly I sat up in bed. “Oh, God!” I thought
guilt. “Poor mother! If I had a forty-year-old
and good health can be so miserable, what with my mother? Why
I was not sensitive and do not care? ”

I was overwhelmed by shame and guilt over the evil acted yesterday,
how I can not entirely blame. Maybe I do not
truly understand how painful it was hot air. Finally,
Conditioning room with a breakdown, I was given the opportunity to feel
little of what my mother experienced. “Tomorrow morning I will immediately buy
air-conditioning! “I took the decision then and there.
“I’m not going to go to work before ensuring that the air-conditioning
installed on my mother’s room. No, should I not just buy one
air-conditioning … but one for every room in the house. ”

Satisfied imagine what I would do, I lay back and
closed his eyes. Suddenly I heard the most beautiful in the world:
the engine and air conditioning dengungannya I’ve been waiting.

The cold air out through the air pipe. I was surprised and not choked
believed that timing was so incredible. Then I knew:
regrets received.



November 21, 2009 - Posted by | spirit

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