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A group of frogs was walking path through the woods. Two of
the frog fell into a hole. Meanwhile all
other frogs around the hole. When he saw how
in the hole, they told the two frogs at the bottom of that
they would rather die. The two frogs ignored the comments
the comment and tried to jump out of the hole with all
existing capabilities. Other frogs kept telling him that they
stop jumping and would rather die.

Finally, one of the frogs in the hole to listen
the words of the other frogs and surrender. He fell and died. Medium
The other frog continued to jump as much as possible.
Once again the crowd the frogs on the edge of the hole yelling at him
so stop trying and die. He even tried more
fast and finally succeeded.

When he reached the top, there was a frog who asks, “Are you not
hear our cries? “. Then the frog (with the reading movement
another frog lips) explained that he was deaf. Finally they
aware that when they are down there is considered to have given
spirit of the frog.

The power of life and death in the tongue. Power of words
given to someone who was “falling” can actually make
these people got up and help them through the day.

Bad words given to someone who was “falling”
can kill them. Be careful of what you would say.

Sound that “the words of life” to those who are away from
point of his life. Sometimes it is difficult to understand that “the words
life “that can make us think and move away from
we thought.

Everyone can issue “the words of Life” to make
colleagues and friends or even to those who do not know even for
made up of keputusasaanya, fall, misfortune.

It was beautiful when we can spend our time
giving spirit for those who are desperate and fell.


November 21, 2009 - Posted by | spirit

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