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The story of Patience

Ever boy with a bad character. His father gave him a bag full of nails, and had a rod hammered a nail in the garden fence every time he lost his temper, or quarrels with other people.

The first day he nailed the fence rod 37. In the following weeks he learned to restrain myself, and the number of nails worn down from day to day. He found that restraint is easier than fixing the fence.

Finally came the day when he no longer need a nail was hammered and happily conveyed it to his father. His father then told him to remove a nail from the fence every day when he managed to restrain himself / patient.

The days passed and finally came the day he can tell his father that all the nails are pulled out of the fence.

The father took his son to the fence and said:
“My son, you have to be good, but look how many holes in the fence. This fence will not be back as before. If you have quarrels or fighting with someone else, it always leaves a wound like the fence. You can stick a knife on the backs of people and drew it back, but will leave scars. No matter how many times you apologize / regret, the wound lives. wound through the pain of saying the same as physical injuries. My friends are rare jewels. They make you laugh and giving spirit. They willing to listen if you need it, they support and open your heart. Show to your friends how much you like them. “


November 20, 2009 - Posted by | spirit

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