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Silence is Golden

When you do not have words to talk about,
hush. Quite easy to know when to
speak. However, you need to know when silence is
something far different. One of the functions of the lips is
for clenched. How you can observe and
listen with tongue speaking. Dwell for
clarity of your vision. People who can rest in the middle
desire to speak can find a sense of self.
Once you open your mouth, you’ll see how much
sliding sentences unconsciously. Perhaps most
small words that you do not want. Often people
slipped by small pebbles, not boulders.

Beautiful pearls can only be created when shellfish
pearl pressed her lips tightly. Once he opened
wide shell, the sea sand and dirt immediately
filled her mouth. This is like, your power to silence.
Policies are often stored in the silence of the meeting
wise. For that, you need to open it as hard
energy. Is not the saying says, “silence is golden”.

************************************************** *********

Did you know.

There was a little girl named Grace Bedell,
and living in New York. At the age of 11 years, he wrote
letter to a man who is very famous. This letter
contains a request to the man grew a beard.
Grace thinks the man’s face is too thin, and men
it would look better if the beard.

One day, when this man came to town Grace, which is
New York City, with a train, he asked for
met with Grace. Grace went to see him, and
when he saw Grace, he then kissed Grace
and said, “You see it, I let
beard grow for you, Grace. ”

Who is this guy? You may often see a picture or
picture. His name is familiar to you, that Abraham
Lincoln, one of the President of the United States the most

You can imagine how excited Grace, because
A president would listen to him. That the letter was a
little girl, Grace, could change history.

************************************************** *********

Kata Bijak Hari Ini.

Live like a bushy tree fruit; live in
edge of the road and pelted with stones, but returned
with fruit. (Abu Bakr Sibli)


November 20, 2009 - Posted by | spirit

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