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Gift of Love From Mother

“Can I see my baby?” asked a new mom
bear with happiness. When the carrier was
moved to his hand and he opened the blanket
wrapped the baby’s face that her little boy, the mother’s
holding his breath.

The doctor who stayed with him soon turned to look into
outside the hospital window. The baby was born without
both ears!

Time proved that hearing babies who are now
has grown into a child’s work with
perfect. Only the appearance that seemed odd
and bad. One day, the boy rushed home to
house and buried her face in her mother’s arms
crying. She knows her son lives with
with disappointment and tragedy. The boy was sobbing
said, “A little big man taunting me.
He said, I was being weird. ”

The boy grew up. He was quite handsome with
imperfections. He also loved his school friends.
He also developed his talent in music and
write. He wanted to be class president. His mother warned,
“You’ll hang out with other teens’
But in the heart of the mother felt sorry for him.

One day the boy’s father met with a doctor
could transplant her ear.
“I believe I can move her ears.
But there must be someone who is willing to donate
ears, “said the doctor. Later, the boy’s parents began to
looking for anyone who would sacrifice the ears and
mendonorkannya on them.

Several months had passed. And it’s time they
called his son, “Son, someone who did not want
known to have been willing to donate his ears to you.
We must immediately send you to the hospital to be
operation. However, all this is very confidential. “Said the father.

Operation a success. A new man
was born. Great musical talent that changed
a genius. He also received many awards
from school. Some time later he got married
and worked as a diplomat. He met his father,
“Well, I must know who has been willing
This sacrifice everything to me. He has done something
great but I did not respond
kindness. “Her father replied,” I’m sure you would not
can repay the kindness of people who have given
ear it. “After a while his father continued,
“In accordance with the agreement, not yet time for you
to know all these secrets. ”

Years passed. Both parents had kept the men
secret. Until one day it was a sad moment for
family. On that day the father and son were standing on the edge of the box
body of his mother who had just died.
By slowly and gently, his father stroked her hair
mother’s body was lying dead, and so menyibaknya
appeared ..
that the mother does not have ears. “She once said
that he was glad to lengthen hair, ”
whispered his father. “And no one realized that
he has lost little of her beauty is not it? ”

True beauty lies not on appearance
body but in my heart. Treasure is not essential
lies in what can be seen, but at what
that can not be seen. True love does not lie
on what has been done and known, but
on what has been done but not known.


November 20, 2009 - Posted by | spirit

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